Work-Integrated Learning

Work Placement

The Technical Communication program features the opportunity of a 14-week work-integrated learning placement in the Winter term – the second semester of the program. This placement works as a three-way educational partnership with Seneca, the employer, and the student.

Seneca provides skilled, enthusiastic and productive employees to meet an employer’s specific needs, and to give our students maximum opportunity to apply classroom studies in meaningful workplace situations.

The Seneca Tech Comm work term is from January to April.

The work placement provides students with the chance both to apply knowledge and skills gained in the first academic term and to acquire on-the-job knowledge and experience.

Placements are negotiated with employers in various fields by the Work-Integrated Learning Co-ordinator, who ensures that each position will provide a learning experience consistent with the goals of the program.

Beginning in early October, students who are eligible for a work placement are assisted in adapting their resumes to the placement positions, which are posted as they become available. In consultation with the Co-ordinator, students then apply to be interviewed for the positions of their choice and compete for the positions as they would for a normal job placement.

Students complete a report on their work experience and receive both an employer and college evaluation of their performance during their work term.

Many of our graduates have been hired permanently by their work placement employers.

What makes our students great candidates for a company?

They offer:

  • Top calibre, effective writing and communication skills
  • The ability to understand and explain how things work
  • An affinity for technology
  • The skills needed to make a valuable contribution to your organization
  • Academic credentials in sciences, technology, humanities and the arts

What students learn:

  • Students further develop professional writing skills
  • To design user-friendly information and documentation for every industry from software development, banking and engineering to telecommunications and health
  • To produce reference manuals, templates, on line help files, web pages, instructional and procedural documents as well as marketing materials
  • Skills on the latest industry technology (Adobe FrameMaker, InDesign, HTML, Visual Basic)

Our Educational Partners
Our list of employers includes industry leaders as well as growing companies who need communications and usability expertise in product development or service delivery.


Defence Research

Siemens Milltronics



Canadian Tire




Find out more:

Charmaine Johnson, Work-Integrated Learning Co-ordinator
416.491.5050, ext. 33764

Employers tell us…

“Overall, I was impressed with the program, based on how well [our student employees] carried out their responsibilities. The program had prepared them well for doing the analysis, interviewing and planning required to produce the initial documentation plan, which in turn meant a well run project and high-quality final product.”

“This was our first placement experience with Seneca and it was a positive one. They had a candidate that met our need and who worked out quite well. The writer we had learned our software quickly, offered constructive suggestions, and worked well as part of the project team.”

“Technical writing has as many faces as there are businesses. The style of writing and departmental processes change from business to business. The Seneca tech comm  program allows students to adapt their technical communication and interpersonal skills to a living, working business environment.”

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