Bernard Aschwanden

The founder of Publishing Smarter, and an Associate Fellow and Past President of the STC, Bernard Aschwanden is the author of numerous publications on publishing and single sourcing, including Advanced FrameMaker and FrameMaker: A Hands-On Guide to Developing DITA Compliant Documents. Bernard is an expert in XML and related technologies, presenting at conferences and events across Europe and North America. He also regularly writes online content about Adobe FrameMaker and other XML authoring tools. Bernard has helped hundreds of companies implement successful publishing solutions and is focused on publishing better, publishing faster, and publishing smarter.

In addition to his publishing background and speaking tours, Bernard teaches a variety of courses in Seneca’s Tech Comm program. These include XML, DITA, CMS tools and related technologies, best practices for structured authoring, content management, and tools such as FrameMaker and XMetaL.

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