Program Objectives

Graduates of the program will be able to:

  • Plan, design, research, draft, test and produce technical documents for a wide range of audiences and purposes
  • Write clear, correct, effective technical prose
  • Use appropriate computer applications to complete hardcopy and online projects
  • Apply project management and collaborative work strategies to meet real-time deadlines
  • Develop effective graphical and document design solutions for communication problems
  • Undertake work in various technical environments and situations


Semester 1

TCN700 Introduction to Technical Writing
TCN701 The Technical Communicator
TCN705 Information Technology
TCN707 Editing and Style
TCN708 Coding for Web Design and for Applications
TCN709 Creating Template-Based Content (with FrameMaker)
CPP100 Work-Integrated Learning Professional Theory

Work-Integrated Learning Term between semesters

Semester 2

TCN800 Advanced Technical Writing
TCN806 Web-Based Training and Multimedia
TCN807 Document Design
TCN808 Template Development Best Practices
TCN809 Employment and Business Practices *
TCN810 Advanced Web Design *
TCN811 Single Sourcing and Modular Writing

* 7-week courses

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