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Got Problems? Get Tech Comm!

Website problems of could have been greatly reduced with technical communicators on the job Like most Chief Executives, President Barack Obama could have saved himself a  whole lot of trouble if he had hired a technical communicator. became … Continue reading

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Employing not Exploiting Students

I’ve recently had another request from a company with a tight budget to engage some of our students on a worthwhile project. I’m very keen on helping students get involved in real world projects while they are still studying. There … Continue reading

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FSOSS 2009 & Documentation

Concluding Open Source week in Toronto, Seneca held its annual Free Software and Open Source Symposium (FSOSS) yesterday. I was privileged to have the opportunity to speak about documentation for open source projects. What is truly exciting about open source … Continue reading

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Dependencies: The Bane of Efficiency

Students in the Technical Communication program learn how to manage their documentation projects. I’m fond of drawing the parallel between the Software (or Product) Development Life Cycle and the Document Development Life Cycle. They both have the same phases. The … Continue reading

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