The Seneca Technical Communication Program is a 1-year graduate certificate program that prepares students for careers as technical writers, information developers, content providers, web developers, technical illustrators, technical trainers, usability and user experience consultants, and policy & procedure writers.

Our students come from various academic and professional backgrounds. They include former teachers, programmers, lawyers, librarians, farmers, and technicians. They have academic credentials in the humanities, the arts, and the sciences, as well as technology.

What they have in common is the ability to write well and an interest in and capacity to work with technology. They also have the capacity to transfer their existing skills to a wide range of technical communication tasks. Our Advisory Committee has agreed on this: having a specific technical background is often not nearly as important as the ability to work collaboratively, to ask the right questions, and to convey information in a clear, usable manner.

Students tell us….

“In only the first four months of Seneca College’s intensive, professionally taught Technical Communication Program, I have already learned many of the skills that a successful Technical Communicator must possess. I’m looking forward to the remaining eight months of the program!”

“The [work placement] position closely matched my research and writing background and skills. I had the opportunity to build on those skills and further develop the new skills I acquired in Seneca’s Technical Communication program.”

“Seneca College equipped me with a solid foundation in technical communication before I took the work placement position….Nevertheless, the work place offered numerous learning opportunities not available in the college. Teaming up with experienced writers, consulting with subject matter experts, handling large projects, conforming to the company style guide, and analyzing the product to be documented all contributed to the valuable experience I gained.”

“My training at Seneca and my placement have provided me with the skills and on-the-job training that I am confident will assure me an entry level job in the Technical Communications field when I graduate.”

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