STC Toronto Event: A New Approach to Resume Writing to Beat HR Robots Tuesday, April 11, 2017

FREE for current Tech Comm students. RSVP to Vic Bhai.

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Pamela Paterson

Pamela Paterson

Do you know how to beat the HR robot and get your resume noticed by a human being? If  you apply for jobs online, you need to know how to beat Applicant Tracking Systems (ATSs) with an online resume and effective personal branding.  In this highly informative seminar with bestselling author Pamela Paterson, you will learn how to get your resume in top shape so that it stands out amongst the crowd.

Many qualified candidates go unnoticed by HR because they have not learned how to get filtered and top-ranked in HR systems. In fact, HR may never know they applied, because their resume is either deleted automatically by the system or ranked so low in the candidate pile it doesn’t appear in an HR search.

It is no longer enough that you have the right qualifications based on an impressive work history. In the online job hunt, to get noticed by HR, you need to understand how ATSs work. In this seminar, you will be shown the top ways in which these systems filter and rank candidates, and what you can do to beat the system.

Join us on the second floor of The Wallace Gastropub (steps away from Davisville Station).
WHEN:  April 11, 2017,  6:30 pm to 9:00 pm

In this seminar, you will learn how to:

  • Deconstruct a job posting for the important elements needed to beat HR robots

  • Separate the critical words from the “fluff” in job postings and company collateral

  • Identify issues with your resume that are barriers to getting top-ranked

  • Position your skills and qualifications to best present your candidacy

  • Incorporate personal branding in your resume to best position your skills

Speaker Bio

Pamela Paterson is author of the bestselling book Get the Job: Optimize Your Resume for the Online Job Search, gained an insider’s edge into how online job systems work when she was part of a team that implemented an applicant tracking system for a national company. She has taught about the art and science of creating effective resumes for over 15 years at workshops, colleges, and conferences.

Pamela is a long-time mentor, resume coach, college instructor, and supporter of people who strive for positive change in their lives. She serves on the Board of Directors for the SIPO Foundation, a charity dedicated to empowering youth personally and professionally. Pamela also leads resume and career workshops for the SIPO Foundation.

Pamela works to help individuals boost their career trajectory and reach their full professional potential.  In live presentations and in her book, she lays out a strategic, step-by-step approach to beating online job systems and building laser-sharp resumes that hits home with online hiring professionals. She claims a 90% success rate in helping her clients find jobs through her unique, scientific approach to resume writing.

“After meeting with Pamela and revising my resume, I immediately posted the new version… and literally within 3 hours I received two calls from recruiters about appropriate opportunities. The next day was spent fielding responses from more than 12 recruiters for more than 15 positions—all of which were relevant to my skill set! Within 2 weeks I had interviews, and within 3 weeks was offered a position that was perfect for me. I received unsolicited comments from both interviewers and recruiters as to the professionalism of my newly revised resume, and how impressive it was. I credit Pamela for her insight into what works, what doesn’t, and what is needed to create a winning and effective resume.”

—Patti Cruickshank, Technical Writer 

FREE for currently-enrolled Tech Comm students (proof of enrollment must be shown). TechComm students should contact STC Toronto president, Vic Bhai, to RSVP.


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