Gadget Junkie Heaven

  • If you were the kid who took all her toys apart to see how they worked…
  • If you love to browse the tools, products, and gadgets in every Big Box store you see…
  • If your version of the ideal present is something that whirrs, clicks, or runs on electricity…
  • If you’re an inveterate tinkerer…

…You might be a Technical Communicator!

Many of us get into this profession because it gives us access to technology in many forms. We have the mandate, if not the divine right, to fiddle with new products or investigate technology we’ve never seen before.

FACTOID: HALF of the top 10 blogs are about gadgets and technology.

To be a good technical communicator, you must have an unending curiosity about how things work, but more than that, you care about how they work for people.

Knowing that technology is only as good as it is usable, meaning that it allows someone to accomplish their objectives with it, we explore and assess new gadgets to make sure they do what we need them to do. And then we write about it. We communicate what we’ve learned about the technology so that others can use it better.

And sometimes, we read instructions just for fun.

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