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Technical communicators are the people to call when you have complex technical information that needs to be communicated to people who are non-technical. We are also the people to call when the information is dense and hard to understand, even if it isn’t particularly technical (think government policies). Our skills lie in figuring out the meaning of information and then shaping it to get the message across to your intended audience.

Plain language writing is just one of the areas where we have expertise. We often work for institutions to clarify and simplify important information such as benefits plans, regulations, policies and procedures, laws, and government information.

Because we are communicators, first and foremost, it doesn’t really matter what subject area needs to be interpreted. We are able to quickly grasp the subject matter and discover whatever else we need in order to inform the communications we’re working on. That may mean talking to subject matter experts, and getting the information out of their heads onto paper.

Although many of us specialize in certain disciplines such as engineering, software development, or biotechnology, a deft technical communicator can tackle any topic and make it easy to understand.

Other knowledge workers may engage in that sort of activity, but no one does it as well as a trained technical communicator.

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