Ages of Thought

Eight years into the 21st century we are still burdened by corporations, organizations, institutions, and cultures that remain firmly entrenched in Industrial Age thinking. Not only has the Information Age been around for at least 25 years now, but we have ventured into the Knowledge Age, where information is merely a commodity; it is the knowledge derived from it that infuses action. A society cannot advance while its leaders are mired in out-dated thinking.

Technical communicators are instrumental in the progression from old ways of thinking to the new. Primarily writers, whose function in society has always been to observe, interpret, and explain, technical communicators help turn information into knowledge. Their ability to quickly understand complex concepts and technologies, and to then convey that information to others in a way that is clear, direct, and easy to grasp, is key in transferring technology.

The rate at which a society’s technology advances is determined by the relative level of its ability to process information. — Paul Zane Pilzer, Economist and Author

Communicators — writers — who can assist in the processing of information, are needed more than ever. Graduates of Seneca’s Technical Communication Program are well-equipped to fulfill this role.

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