Learning to be a Technical Communicator

Few careers for writers pay as well, or provide as much ongoing challenge and satisfaction, as the profession of technical communication. It is not unusual for an experienced technical communicator to make close to $100K per year, depending on the type of company in which they work. Many enjoy salaries in the range of $65K to $85K, and there is the potential move into management within this career field.

Technical communication is a broad discipline encompassing technical writing, technical illustration, web development, content development, information architecture, usability, customer experience management, technical publishing, and policy writing. It includes virtually all aspects of non-fiction writing.

At Seneca College, our graduate certificate program in Technical Communication prepares students for careers in any area of the profession that suits their background and interests. Over the course of one year, students receive practical, hands-on training in the key areas of technical communication such as technical writing, technical editing, documentation development and design, and web-based training. They become familiar with the tools and techniques used in the profession such as Adobe FrameMaker, Single Sourcing and DITA. During a Co-operative work term they receive workplace experience as technical communicators.

If you are a good writer, with a facility for technology, and a passion for lifelong learning, a career as a technical communicator might be for you!

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